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18 Pack Signature Blends Collection

18 Pack Signature Blends Collection

Cowboy Steak Rub - Garlic & Herb Rub - Cajun Seasoning - Tuscan Seasoning - Cracked Coriander & Pepper Rub - Berbere - Chaat Masala - Tandoori Masala - Green Za'atar - Ras el Hanout - Harissa - Chinese Five Spice - Herbs de Provence - Honey & Herb Rub - Modena Balsamic Rub -Mustard & Tarragon - Lemon Pepper Seasoning - Everything Bagel Seasoning

Having fresh spices and herbs in your spice rack is a true necessity when it comes to having a well-established kitchen, whether you're just starting out at the stovetop or have spent a time or two with an impressive souffle. It's good to have the Essentials covered, but it's great to play with gourmet blends! This 18 pack gives you the Spicewalla's signature recipes and personal favorites; from Harissa and Chaat Masala to Honey & Herb Rub and Everything Bagel Seasoning, this collection is the fun stuff, the crowd favorites, the exotic, the familiar, and the pack that everyone wants!

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