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The Chop Shop Big Tin Bundle

Straight from our friendly local butchers at The Chop Shop Butchery in Asheville, NC, we've got four delicious rubs that will take your all-natural, sustainably farmed meat to the next level of fresh. Farm to table never tasted so good!
The Best Chicken Rub
Enjoy the flavor of Chop Shop's chicken rub at home! Spicy notes of cayenne and chili powder balanced with sweet brown sugar make this blend a must-have. Using 2 tablespoons per whole chicken, rub over and under the skin before roasting or grilling.

Yia Yia's Pastured Lamb Rub
Yia Yia's hold the wisdom of making a perfectly home-cooked lamb and we don’t want to mess with perfection. This blend is our take on the classic rosemary, oregano and garlic flavors that our grandma used to accentuate a quality cut of lamb.

Apple Brandy Beef Rub
This blend was created specifically for Chop Shop’s dry-aged Apple Brandy Beef from Wilkes County, NC - our only source of pasture-raised beef. Earthy, sweet flavors of turmeric and paprika and a touch of cayenne heat make this a perfectly balanced rub.

WNC Pastured Pork Rub
Highlighting our heritage breed pigs that roam the hills of Western North Carolina, this rub is the perfect combination of sweet and smoky, featuring flavors of brown sugar, cumin, and chipotle chilli to make your homemade pork stand above the rest.
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