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Say Hello to Our Little and Slightly Bigger Friends.

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Since the beginning, when Spicewalla was becoming more than just a mere twinkle in Chef Meherwan Irani's eye, the spice tin was the illuminated image seared into his mind, as tins, tiffins, and spice dubbas are the most popular way to store food and spices in India.  Not only is there nostalgic quality to the tin that was important to the story of Spicewalla, but the tin allows for our spices to exist in the best conditions possible.

Lets face it, we've all got a spice rack or pantry that maybe has cinnamon from 2007 or dried basil from a brand like Mc******k or P**zys that has now turned a lovely shade of greenish-gray.  No shame, my fellow spice enthusiasts, no shame at all!  Spicewalla's goal is enlightenment!  Part of the problem with other brands is that the condition for spices is just not quite right.  Spices like to be kept cool, dry, out of sunlight, and in containers that can be closed and sealed. This is where the tin comes in.

First we brought you the Little Tin, the perfect little kitchen companion for when you just need a pinch or a dash. The Little Tin has been a big hit with home chefs nationwide but when it came to the seasonings and our signature blends, we realized our customers were blowing through their salts and Honey & Herb Rubs too quickly!  Cue the spice stork dropping down a bigger baby brother to the Little Tin, we named Big Tin. 

Perfectly sized for the goldilocks in all of us, the Big Tin provides a container of seasonings and signature blends that is "juuuuuust right."  Now you can scoop a heaping tablespoon of that good stuff from the tin to your stock pot without worrying about the next time you're ready to re-up.

Keep your spice rack happy, colorful, and full of the freshest, small batch flavours! 

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  • Hi Mary Rose! Thanks for the question. Big tins are 2 ⅜” x 2 ⅜”x 3” and have a 7oz volume.

    Spicewalla on
  • What are the dimensions of the larger tin?

    Mary Rose Mangia on

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