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"If the way to a heart is through the stomach, then culinary gifts are really the only way to go. And at a time when most of the world seems to be making their own meals at home, high-quality items for the pantry and bar cart are all the more thoughtful. Giving someone Spicewalla's essentials kit is to set them up for cooking success."

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"Spicewalla’s tins are loaded with super-fresh spices and blends and are so pretty you’ll want to leave them out on the counter."

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"It took a global pandemic and being stuck at home for me to cook for flavor not fanfare. It happened when I decided to do a weekly live cooking show on, of all places, Instagram. For the first one I picked a simple curry recipe to demo since that’s what I was making for dinner. As my wife held the iPhone and my teenage daughter looked on, it dawned on me that neither they nor anyone at home were looking for someone to wow them with culinary virtuosity. All they wanted from me was a delicious meal—and the confidence to recreate it themselves."

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"Looking for an easier cup of chai? [...] Meherwan Irani’s Spicewalla brand sells the ginger chai masala from his Chai Pani restaurants—I can’t wait to try it."

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